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Thos. R. Birnie/Mr. Rooter

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Testimonial - Rob Birnie Mr. Rooter

Philip Kriszenfeld –  

Philip Kriszenfeld’s Testimonial

Kathleen analysed what my needs were and concerns about how best to organize everything and she not only came up with a super logical plan, but executed that very same plan in the time she told me it would take.  I am so happy with the results that I cannot recommend Kathleen strongly enough.  I feel like I have control again and I actually know where every file is and every document is. Thanks Kathleen!  You are the best!

Keri Copcutt –

Keri Copcutt’s Testimonial

I knew it was time to look for help when I could no longer walk into my office without stepping on something!!! But who to call? Well, I choose Kathleen Hayden (aka – the FUN organizer) because I knew that it would need to be fun if it was going to get done!! Well she totally lived up to her tag line and so much more. Kathleen is personal yet professional, helping to take the emotion out of what can be a very emotional situation. She offered insightful yet creative organizing solutions often incorporating what we had on hand but never fearing to make recommendations when she saw the need. She pushed when necessary and stepped back when needed but she totally directed the organizing with a firm and gentle hand. She met all the timelines ensuring that the job got done. In fact, Kathleen is so passionate about organizing that on one occasion I had to cry UNCLE!! I am totally grateful and completely indebted to Kathleen Hayden for all that she has done for me and for my family. Her service goes way beyond her presence in your home as she offers on-going solutions that you can incorporate to help keep abreast of the mess. Fun, fabulous and unforgettable are all words that come to mind when thinking of Kathleen and the service she provides.

Keri Copcutt

Holistic Practitioner

Independent Consulant, Arbonne International