The Adventures of Princess Katie is in 2 new stores!

studio 205 clay

I’m working hard to make it more convenient for everyone to get a copy of my new book The Adventures of Princess Katie – Putting Things back! As some of you are aware, I previously posted the Amazon link and 4 books stores in the area that have started carrying my book. I have more good news!  I have 2 new stores you can go to, to pick it up!  See below!

Remember that this simple rule is also great for adults…Wink! This book makes a great gift too!

If you purchase a book (or have already), I would love to hear your feedback!  Please leave a 5 star review on (at the bottom of the Amazon page) and our Facebook page @TheAdventuresOfPrincessKatie!  Thank you in advance! It means a lot!

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In stores near you!


NEW!! Studio 205 (Canadian Artisans)  –  205 King Street East  –  905-522-2205


Westside Stories  –  852 King Street West  –  905-523-4345


The City & The City Books  –  181 Ottawa Street North  –  289-389-2477

The City & The City Books


NEW!!! The Book Nook  –  501 Brant Street  –  905-637-0881


A Different Drummer Books  –  513 Locust Street  –  905-639-0925

A Different Drummer

The Chickadee Kids Co.  –  2178 Mountain Grove Ave.  –  289-337-2460


More stores to come! Stay safe!

Kathleen S. Hayden aka Sparky The FUN Organizer