What to Expect

  1. Are you so overwhelmed by clutter you don’t know where to start?

  2. Do you procrastinate about getting organized?

  3. Have you tried but keep failing?

Here is what you can expect when you have made the decision to get help to be organized once & for all!

First things first…Are you Ready?

You must be ready, and checking out the website and contacting us is the best place to start and the 1st steps in making a difference in relieving yourself of the stress and anxiety that those piles of clutter have created in your daily life.


We schedule an assessment.  This process can take up to 1.5 hrs.  During the assessment we find out what is and is not working in your space(s).  We come up with an action plan and find a system/solution that works for you and your life style.  We set up appointments to start the de-cluttering process that work around your schedule and budget.   We focus on the priority areas first!


Bit by bit we tackle those piles of clutter that have taken over your space for too long.  If you are on a strict budget, a small task (‘homework’ if you will) may be assigned before our next appointment.  During the entire process I teach you how to maintain your space so that you will always have peace and ease in finding your possessions even after I am gone.  In no time we create a ‘Dream Space’ that works for you.


I will follow up with you.  I will contact you to see how your new system is working out for you in your new space.  If we need to tweak, we tweak!   Easy!

Just one more thing!…

I realize that these days, time is prescious.  We are always complaining that we just don’t have enough time in the day!   Or that we want and try to stay organized but it is virtually impossible because there is so much going on!  Sound familiar?  Perhaps you fall under one or more of these categories:

– you are a house hold that has two working parents (probably overtime at that!)

– you have multiple children

– you have multiple extra curricular activities for each child or yourself on the go

– you are running a home based business and you fill all ‘positions’ in the business

Whether you have just said ‘Yes’ to one or all of the above and you desperately want to maintain your newly organized space, don’t panic!  I have a maintenance program just for you!  We can discuss these options further once we meet!  They are simple and affordable!   Think of it this way, some people have a house cleaner, others have me, a professional organizer that maintain their space for them!  I frequently work with busy mom’s that run the household, their business and everything else in between!   They want to stay organized.  Therefore, they will have me come in on a set schedule to ensure order in their home.   You can too!

I’m hoping that you are already feeling more relaxed and at ease.   So take that first step and call now to book your assessment! 905-923-4376

Do you or someone you know have kids that are clutter bugs?!

Buy my book The Adventures Of Princess Katie – Putting Things Back to help teach them early on in life to put things back where they belong to be and stay organized for life! Truth be told, it’s a great book for adults too!