Kathleen Hayden – Professional Organizer, Home Stager and Re-Designer serving Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington, Waterdown, Brantford, Oakville, Mississauga and the surrounding areas.

After being in business for many years now, I have really changed how I see things, clutter in particular!  The absolute most common thing I hear from my clients (besides: “Oh, I was looking for that!”), is that a weight has been lifted off their shoulders or just the fact they feel so much better/lighter, and that they sleep better too!  This got me thinking about how we really don’t always take care of ourselves as well as we should.  How are we able to be the very best of ourselves if our physical space, and more importantly our mind, is in chaos?

At Dream Space S.O.S. (Staging.  Organizing.  Styling).  I make your space work for you!  Now ask yourself these 2 questions: How do you envision your space?  How would you like your space to work for you?  Do you know the answers to these 2 questions?  Or is there just too much going on ‘up there’ to put any thought into it at all?  If so…that’s a sign!  …and if you’re waiting for a sign…this is it!

Whether you are decluttering to stay in your current home, getting it ready to stage/sell or you are looking at updating your space, I can help!  Together, we will sort through the clutter in your space and your mind!  We will  discover your likes and needs to create and transform the perfect space for you.  This can mean shaking the old Etch a Sketch and starting over completely (paint, decor, organizing tools) to as simple as re-gigging some furniture and re-using some existing organizational tools to simplify your life.

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Free your space of the clutter, and your mind of the chaos!

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