List of services for the home or office:

De-Cluttering & Organizing:

  • We will sort through the clutter and divide everything into key piles: ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘sell’, ‘trash’ and ‘recycle’
  • I will create a system that works for you and use organizational tools to get you organized
  • I will teach you how to maintain your newly organized space
  • I will donate any unwanted items to The Canadian Diabetes Association
  • You will feel great for giving back to your community
  • You will feel ‘lighter’
  • You will have better #MentalHealth
  • You will have more free time

Email: or call today to book 905-923-4376.

Work details:

Home or office assessment: approximately 1 – 1.5 hours

Working hours: There is a minimum of 4 hours per scheduled appointment

In home consultation: Approximately 2 – 3 hours

Donation Drop off:  FREE of charge

Travel Rates: Travel outside of the GTA to be discussed

Payment: Cash, cheque or E-Transfer


Similar to Staging a home, except you get to stay in your newly designed space!  We start with a consultation. This is to get in depth knowledge of what you are looking for to begin the planning of creating a ‘Dream Space’ just for you! For example: Paint colours, new flooring, tiles, furniture and it’s layout, accessories, artwork, etc. Email: or call today to book 905-923-4376.

See De-cluttering and organizing work details

Home Staging:

I will do a comprehensive consultation to get your home ready for sale. This can include choosing new paint colours, decluttering, furniture layout, dumpster rental, packing, suggesting updates or repairs and more. I can also provide you with referrals like a great realtor, cleaning service or moving company.

Book your consultation today to help you decide what is best for you and to see what you really need to do to make the best return on your investment and beat out your competition!  Email: or call today to book 905-923-4376.

See De-cluttering and organizing work details

Family Move or Senior Relocation:

Are you relocating or a senior that needs to downsize?  As well as the de-cluttering and organizing process above, all of your belongings will be packed and labeled for safe transport. I can also un-pack for you and get you organized in your new home.  You will find that if your items are properly packed, un-packing does not take long at all.  Organization and efficiency are the key elements in a move! Email: or call today to book 905-923-4376.

See De-cluttering and organizing work details

Public Speaking:

If you have an event that you would like me to speak at on the topic of De-cluttering and Organizing, contact me to discuss the details of your event. Email: or call today to book 905-923-4376.


I understand that you may not have the time to run around and get the necessary organizational tools needed to get your space in order.  I provide a service just for that!  I will do the shopping for you to take this added stress of your list of things to do! Available for Organizing, Moving and Re-Design. Email: or call today to book 905-923-4376.

Contact me for pricing

More ways I can help:


  •   a garbage bin drop off and pick up
  •   a storage locker
  •   a cleaning, painting or handyman service

Whether you need help getting organized, relocating or re-designing your space, I’m here for you.  Trying to decide what to keep and what to eliminate is not always an easy task.  The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.  Whatever you need, I’ll be there to help and make your life easier along the way!

Take the first step by making the call today!  905-923-4376

It is very important to work with a Professional that is insured.  Have peace of mind that Dream Space S.O.S. is fully insured and bondable.

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Teaching children how to put thing away when they are finished using it.