How Mental Clutter Can Result In Actual Clutter

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How does mental clutter result in actual physical clutter? Well, do you purchase items to help sooth your soul because someone has passed or left your life without reason? Do you feel as though if you gather enough mementos or trinkets that eventually you will feel better? Do you ‘therapy shop’ which provides a short burst of happiness? Do you feel as though everything you read is how physical clutter is affecting your mental health? Except for you, in reality, it all started with mental clutter? Which has turned into actual clutter? Which is what has created the mental health issues? Does this resonate? Is this what creates chaos in your mind and your home? Let’s see if I can help break this down and show you how mental clutter can result in actual clutter.

Think Back

Can you think back to when the physical clutter in your home began? Did something happen in your life or did someone say something that you didn’t realize (until just now) that may have triggered something deep inside of you? Take a moment to really ponder this.

Getting vulnerable

I’m obviously organized. You know the story…Less Is More, blah, blah, blah…but… For me, when Murphy (my dog) passed away the February directly before covid started (sigh) I can’t begin to express the feeling of loss, heartache, confusion, anger and mental instability it created. I went overboard purchasing all things Murphy/Westie. Jewelry, dog-mom keychains, westie mugs, art, a stuffed toy, buttons, tins, pins, a tombstone, westie duct tape and pajamas! I was a mess. Won’t lie…a tish grateful for covid and keeping me indoors to deal with all this. But otherwise, yup…this is a true story. I (An Award-Winning Professional Organizer) did this…for two years after his death. The disbelief of his passing was so profound that most days, I had to pretend like he was still here just to function.

All of the above is mental clutter that really only created actual clutter in my home. Did buying those things that reminded me of Murph bring him back? Of course not. Did buying those things make me feel better? Not really. The only thing it created was a ton of extra ‘stuff’ I had to sort through when I pulled myself together and decided it was time to part with the purchases and only carry the memories. I still have his ashes and a couple of his toys but they are now in a designated area that is not in my bedroom and also not in my line of sight. That was key.

If you follow my blogs you know that I am a super motivated person. However, we…all…fall (secretly or un-secretly). It’s about how and when we get ‘back up’ from the mental clutter. How we clear the physical clutter which improves our mental health. Will it be easy…no…I never said it was.

Deal with the poop!

We must 1st deal with the mental clutter that hangs around like racoon poop on the front lawn that you simply refuse to pick up and discard . There is no shame in seeking professional help if your mind (and heart) are wounded. You don’t ignore your broken bones. So why would you ignore your mind from mental clutter? Take the first step and call your doctor, if this is where you need to begin your de-cluttering process.

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Thank-you and until next time, stay safe out there!

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