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I was introduced to Kathleen by a friend and was I ever glad I was. Kathleen is an awesome organizer with a positive attitude and a zest for getting the job done right the 1st time. She shows great compassion when it came to knowing what to do with some personal items I was having difficulty deciding what to do with them.

I recommend her highly.



When you have clutter the result manifests itself in many ways in your business and life. When you have things well planned and organized it makes for greater success.

This is what you will get when you hire Kathleen.  She is an amazing organizer who sees solutions where you see chaos. Plus you can’t help but have fun doing it, her personality and approach are a delight and make the job 100 times easier and quicker.

Paul  (Dundas)


Kathleen came in to my office and transformed my work space. There are no words to express how much better I feel sitting at my now organized desk. I finally have somewhere to put things as they come into my desk instead of just letting things pile up in the corner. I know where everything is and I have somewhere to safely place my coffee on my desk with out fear of what might be underneath it. She made it simple for me to stay organized well after she has left me and that’s exactly what I needed!

Ryan  (Burlington)


My home office was in total chaos.  With 3 operating companies, and a self employed wife plus 2 children in university I could never find anything when I needed it.  I had met Kathleen and found her positive, easy to chat with and very passionate about her abilities to help.  I took the risky plunge as I had never used the services of a professional organizer before.  I couldn’t be happier.  Knowing I was going to work with her forced me to begin a long over due purge of my office in order to prepare.  Kathleen analyzed what my needs were and concerns about how best to organize everything and she not only came up with a super logical plan, but executed that very same plan in the time she told me it would take.  I am so happy with the results that I cannot recommend Kathleen strongly enough.  I feel like I have control again and I actually know where every file is and every document is. Thanks Kathleen!  You are the best!

Philip  (Dundas)


I was very apprehensive to hire a Professional Organizer for helping me de-clutter my home office, mainly due to my concern regarding the cost.  An hour into the task, I realized that it was the right decision.  Kathleen’s expertise, friendly approach and skill have helped me to transform my office space into a functional, well-organized and stress-free work environment.  I feel that there has been a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.  Kathleen helped me “recycle” items that I already had in the home keeping extra costs to a minimum.  Now, when I walk into my office, I have a feeling of calm and productivity.  Thank you Kathleen!

Melanie  (Ancaster)


Kathleen was skilled in her advice, fun to work with, and she helped me keep on track with the task of organizing in a fairly short time frame.   The best part of hiring Kathleen was that she really and truly teamed up with me to do all the work.    We rolled up our sleeves, made sorting piles and worked together which makes any large task much easier.

I was surprised at how quickly we got through everything.   Kathleen showed me how to maintain my new systems and gave me more “to do” tasks afterwards (upon analyzing what my needs were) to further help me stay organized.

Now my home office is truly a Dream Space of organization where I can find things easily at my finger tips.    I will recommend Kathleen’s services to anyone looking to organize an area of their home or office, and to my clients looking to move and need help downsizing or just general packing up.

Thank you Kathleen!

Christine  (Waterdown)


Dear Kathleen,

Thanks so much for inspiring us to tackle our homes and /or offices with renewed vigor in de-cluttering, organizing and /or downsizing!  We appreciate your visit!

Bev  (Burlington)


Dear Kathleen,

Thank-you for coming and speaking to us today! It has inspired us!

Patricia  (Burlington)


Kathleen, what a pleasure it was to work with you and Dream Space S.O.S. over the last couple of weeks!  Thanks to you, I now have an office I feel great in and I am once again happy to host family and friends overnight.  This has done wonders for my stress levels!  You are a marvel – so talented, clearly loving what you do, and fun to be with.  The results speak for themselves!  I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs some help with organizing – they definitely won’t be disappointed.

Anne  (Toronto)

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Marisa's Testimonial

Marisa’s Testimonial

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