The Simple Rule That Will Help You Find ‘Homes’ For Anything

The Well Known Universal Rule

It dawned on me the other day that everyone seems to know the universal rule of organizing when it comes to their unused paint cans. Which got me thinking…if we all know to put our left over paint in the basement under the stairs (or somewhere similar) why is it that we have such difficulty trying to figure out where everything else goes?!

Getting Unstuck

Not once in my 13 years as a Professional Organizer have I ever found a random can of unused paint in a clients bedroom or bathroom! So, if you’re ever stuck on trying to figure out ‘how to find a home’ for the other items in your house, consider why and where you put your paint! Leftover paint is seldomly reused so it is placed in an out of the way, dry, temperature controlled area of the home. That is why it is logical for us to put it under the stairs in the basement. It makes sense for the paint and it makes sense for us!

The Simple Rule

So here is the simple rule that will help you find ‘Homes’ for anything. Always ask yourself what makes sense for you and the item(s) you are trying to find a home for. This rule still applies if you have 4 pairs of scissors but in a slightly different way. You obviously wouldn’t want to put them all in the same spot. However, you would still ask yourself the same question…what makes sense for you (where & why)? One in the kitchen (to open packages), sewing room (to cut material) , laundry room (cut tags off before washing) and _________ you fill in the blank! It’s that easy!

Good luck!

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