Don’t Do This When You Are De-cluttering

Whatever you do, don’t do this when you are de-cluttering

People tell me all the time that while they are decluttering one area of the home (I’ll use the kitchen as an example), they find something that belongs in the bedroom. They decide to drop what they are doing in the kitchen and go to the bedroom to put that item away. The next thing you know, they start de-cluttering the bedroom! They have completely abandoned the kitchen! The problem with this is that there are now 2 areas that have been commenced but not completed. No doubt there will be an item in the bedroom that will belong in laundry room, etc.

Do this instead

Instead of abandoning the area you are working on, try this: Gather a few grocery bags, some post-it notes and a marker. If you are tackling the kitchen and you find items that belong in other areas of your home, put them in the grocery bags with a post-it that indicates what room of the house that bag of ‘stuff’ is for. For example: if you find an item in the kitchen that belongs in the bedroom, grab a grocery bag, write on a post-it note ‘Bedroom’ and stick that post-it on the bag. Now place that item in the ‘bedroom’ bag. If you find something for the laundry room, make a bag for the ‘laundry room’, etc. This allows you to completely sort the original area you are in without leaving and getting distracted elsewhere. When you have completed the sorting task, that is when you can distribute the bags to the other areas of the home. Easy-peasy!

Good luck!

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