New Year…New You…One In…One Out

New Year…New You!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that 2022 has come to an end and you’ve had the opportunity to relax and unwind with the ones you love, I encourage you to keep pushing forward on your de-cluttering & organizing journey that you started in 2022. You haven’t come this far, to only come this far! New year, new you!

Simple steps that can be taken this month – One in…One Out

Consider the following rule of thumb: One in…One out. Did you receive new clothing or small appliances? Review what new items have recently entered the home. What ‘older’ pieces can be culled? What can be donated to a friend or local charity shop? Do the items have value? Can they be sold?

Organizational Tools

If you have been on the de-cluttering and organizing journey since last year and received some money over the holidays, perhaps you are ready to invest in some organizational tools?! Consider the space you would like to organize the most. Doing so many also help encourage you to re-organize additional spaces in the future! When choosing your appropriate tools consider not only what function they will be serving but the size of the space you are outfitting. How would you like it to be regarding ease and appearance (shelves (open/closed), drawers, hanging bars, hooks, bins/baskets, colour, etc.)? The best tips I can possibly give you are: measure everything and every possibility! …Every nook, cranny, height, length, depth, and possibly some of the items you are organizing) and measure it all twice!

Good luck!

If you like this or any other of my blog posts, please ‘Like’, sign up and share them, to help others you know & care for. Maybe my kids book (below) can help a child you know. You never know. Did you know that in October of 2022 I created the ‘Adult version‘ of Princess Katie?! I created 2 decks of Affirmation cards. Both great for de-cluttering and organizing or just life in general! I use them too! I eliminate the de-cluttering cards and use the the rest of the 2 decks as ‘life in general’ affirmation cards! They help get you through any challenge you are currently going through or goals that you want to tackle. Both decks are currently sold at events or in person. Hoping to change that soon!

It’s not too late to start…last years 2022 series was a hit! Twelve 1 – 2 minute, get right to the point blogs to help you get de-cluttered. Check it out! Start here…January 2022: Getting Decluttered & Organized in 2022!

Thank-you and until next time, stay safe out there!

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