10 Helpful Organizing Tips for the Holidays!

10 holiday organizing tips

10 holiday organizing tips

10 Tips to Prepare and Organize Yourself for the Holidays

With the holidays less than 1 week away, the anticipation and preparation can be both exciting yet stressful at times. Take the stress out of the pre-holiday rush with 10 easy tips to follow — leaving you organized, energized and ready to enjoy this joyous time without a gift or a meal left unplanned:

1) It is important to make a to-do list.  You are now down to the wire when it comes to time and if you don’t write it down, you may forget things you need and that will just create added stress.

2) Plan your gift buying with a strict budget in mind and stick to it. It will keep you more focused and it will be easier on your bank account when the bills start coming in, in January.

3) Schedule enough time for all your running around.  Don’t forget that there is more traffic than usual, parking is limited and everybody is out doing their last minute shopping as well.  Therefore, anticipate more time at the check out line also.

4) If you have to do your shopping in varies areas of the city, make sure you plan your shopping route that is most productive and efficient instead of having to go back and forth.

5) Select a mall based on the amount of stores that you need to go to, to purchase your gifts.  If you have time, it would benefit you to look at a map of the mall in advance to plan the most efficient shopping route.

6) Being overscheduled will wear you out and increase your chances of both getting sick and going into and coming out of the holidays feeling grumpy.

7) Speaking of overscheduling when it comes to Christmas parties and invitations, remember that you always have the choice of saying no to invitations. Important is how you say it without hurting feelings; providing an alternative date is an option.  One possibility is extending the holidays into the New Year.  Know that you are probably not the only one that may be interested in this idea!

8) Set up proper boundaries for gift giving, otherwise this may create unnecessary stress as well.

9) It may be too late for this but, most important schedule “You” days — to relax and regain energy.

10) Make appointments with yourself for personal time, workouts or going for a walk regularly, napping, reading, bubble bath or getting a pedicure. Even 30 minutes a day.  Whatever you can manage, it’s important for your mind, body and spirit.  Because you too want to be at your best during the holidays and enjoy the festivities instead of sitting exhausted and grumpy at the dinner table.

On that note, good luck and Happy Holidays!

Kathleen – AKA The ”FUN’ Organizer!

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