Consumed by paper clutter? Read this!

Consumed by paper clutter?  Read this!

I recently helped a client that enjoyed clipping pictures out of the daily newspaper and posting them up on her walls to view every day.  They made her feel happy.   These pictures were like her friends that kept her company.   The only trouble was that over the course of time, she was getting quite distracted by it all.

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She realized that she was so overwhelmed by them that she needed help figuring out how to manage this habit she had formed.  By the time I arrived, her walls were covered top to bottom with paper articles and pictures.  They were not only on her walls, they were in baskets on the floor and on shelves waiting patiently to be placed in a ‘special spot’.

Cancelling the newspaper was not an option in this situation.  Therefore, with coaching, encouragement and follow up, the pictures are still at a bare minimum.  My client knows that it is okay to enjoy the pictures in the paper.  However, if the thought of wanting to cut a new picture out of the paper comes up, she now processes her current thoughts and asks herself a few questions before doing so.  Such as: What am I willing to remove from my wall?  What does not serve or excite me anymore?  As much as it seems to energize her, this old habit can also create anxiety or stress from becoming overwhelmed or consumed by them once again.  Habits are very hard to break but, with the help of Dream Space S.O.S. she is now on the right track!

Are you consumed by paper?  If so I can help.  Take the 1st step by contacting Dream Space S.O.S. today to get started!  I look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss your needs!

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