Getting Decluttered & Organized in 2022!

Happy New Year everyone! Is getting delclutered and organized in 2022 on your New Years resolutions list? If so, consider these steps to help you stay on track and keep going!

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Getting Decluttered and Organized in 2022 Using ‘Baby Steps’

B – Believe it

A – Achieve it

B – Begin

Y- Yes I can!

Believe it to Achieve it.

First things first…If you haven’t already, change your mindset! If you believe you can get decluttered and organized in 2022, you will achieve great success!

When it comes to de-cluttering and organizing, I always say that you need to be ready or you won’t be as successful as you would like to be.  In order to be ready, it is so important to change your mind-set. You must believe that you will be successful in order to tackle your task in advance. If you think in positive terms you will get positive results!

Begin with small areas.

Begin with small areas like your car glove box or the drawer under your stove or washer/ dryer. These are great places to start and a great first ‘Baby step’ in believing that you can conquer this!  

They say it takes 28 days to achieve a new habit.  That’s 28 days of thinking about it, trying it, tweaking it and eventually perfecting it!  Where do you get if you cheat on your diet?!! Love this quote: ‘If you want it, don’t stop thinking about it! And if you can’t stop thinking about, don’t stop working for it!’.

Note: Touch something once and make a decision as to where it should go (relocate it (where do you want it to be?) / recycle it / garbage it or donate it).  

Positivity = Success!
Positivity = Success!

Say it: ‘Yes I can!’

Not only do you need to believe to achieve but you also need to say it and own itAt work or in your home, substitute failure thinking for success thinking.  When you are faced with a difficult situation or task, think and say ‘Yes I can!’.  When tackling clutter remember, that you are not competing with anyone else!  That alone creates less pressure to be able to say ‘Yes I can!”.

Know your limits and start with the small areas that I have mentioned above and if that is a success move forward.  This does not mean the entire kitchen or family room!  It means a cupboard in the kitchen or the surface of your coffee table in your family room!  Success is only up to you and how badly you want it!  Ask yourself; ‘How badly do I want to be de-cluttered and organized in 2022?’ Remember: ‘YES I CAN!’

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Until next time, stay safe out there!

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Teaching children how to put thing back where they belong when they are finished using them to be organized for life!