Get organized before asking for a Divorce!

Getting organized prior to popping the question: ‘Do you want a divorce?’ is one of the smartest things you could do for yourself!  I have helped many clients get organized before, during and after their divorce.  I know that this is a stressful and emotional journey in life that is best traveled with someone who is understanding and can help guide you on a more tranquil and organized path.  The process can become ‘messy’, in the literal and rhetorical sense.   Sometimes it can be very fast paced and other times it can go on for what seems to be a lifetime.

One of my clients was in such a hurry to move out of her matrimonial home that everything was just randomly thrown into boxes to be dealt with ‘later’.  This created such a disorganized challenge for her that trying to retrieve any important documentation required by her lawyer (i.e.: living will, account information, Etc.) was a nightmare for her.   This increased her stress level, severely.  She admitted that if she had known about a Professional Organizer before this process began, she would have contacted me much sooner!

I had another client with a plan and I was part of her plan!  She contacted me prior to even teller her partner that she was going to ask for a divorce!  This meant that we began the de-cluttering and organizing process of the family home first.  Having me there did not raise any suspicion from any of the family members.  They were happy I was there assisting with the de-cluttering and organizing process of the home.  During this time, we collected and filed all important documentation together that would be required in her near future and put them in a safe place.  Once the announcement was made, we began to pack up and label all of her belongings in the appropriate boxes. When we could, we loaded vehicles in order to bring small loads to her new location.  A few of her sessions were spent at the new residence unpacking and setting everything up to her liking.  Because we got all of her documentation organized and together at the start, whenever the lawyer required any type of paperwork, it was at her figure tips, easy to retrieve and delivered right away with no delay.  That alone saved her so much unnecessary aggravation.


Having a professional organizer there with you from the start is always the best idea. My clients will confirm that! We all know the stress that a move can create.  Then add a separation/divorce!  It’s never easy, so don’t do it alone! Let me help you on your new life’s’ journey with less stress and anxiety.

I hope you find this information helpful.  Please feel free to share this with someone you care about or contact me for more information!


Until next time!

Kathleen Hayden

Trained Professional Organizer, Certified Stager & Re-Designer


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