How my Aunt’s funeral gave me comfort…

Yesterday was my Aunt’s funeral and everything was so well organized and flowed so seamlessly even I was at peace!

I did not take part in the funeral arrangements and to be honest, I really have no idea what all needs to be done.   You see only my grandparents have passed away in my lifetime and my mother took care of all those details.

Everything was so well organized, planned out and executed yesterday, that’s probably why I felt some comfort.  No one needed directions to the church, figure out where to sit, how to get to the cemetery or the reception afterwards and this was all provided to us the same day she passed!  Yes, the same day.  They were prepared for their future and we should too.  This would be much less stressful on our loved ones that we leave behind to figure out all these details during an immensely stressful time as it is.  This is also probably why everything went without a hitch yesterday, my Aunt would be so proud!

We don’t know our future so it is always best to be prepared for our family members that need to take care of all the arrangements.  I know I should have a will and all the final details of how things should be done, written down on paper.  God only knows that if it isn’t well organized I will be rolling in my grave!

R.I.P. Aunt Lydia, I love you…xoxo

To my devoted husband, a million thanks for your amazing support and doing all the driving!  You are my rock and I love you so much.  Thank-you.

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