How to easily organize your email addresses and website passwords together

Here is an easy and inexpensive way on how to organize all your email addresses with website passwords together!

While we have been in lockdown, making room for a home office and home school, some of you have even had the will to purge while you’ve been cooped up.  Good job!  What we also know is that we have all been purchasing online a whole lot more than we are accustomed to.  Whether for necessity or to make us feel a bit more human by buying a small item to perk us up a bit, what I know for certain is that this means we have way more passwords than ever before! 

How frustrated do you get when you are wanting to make a quick online purchase or bill payment but you forget which email address and password you used for a particular site?

As a business owner, I have hackers trying to get into my site all the time. I have therefore created new passwords for every single online account I own. It is a massive challenge to remember which email address and password I have used for each website. And they are very creative passwords! That’s why I can’t remember them all! I know that I am not alone with all that I do to try and protect myself against hackers. How about you? Do you have multiple email addresses? How many passwords do you have? Most of my clients had all their different information on small scraps of paper laying around here and there. I have an easy and cost effective solution for you!

Nothing fancy, but it’s easy and it works!

Something I have personally been doing for years and have suggested to many clients is to use an address book. That’s it. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s easy and it works! It is as simple as ‘E’ for Etsy, ‘F’ for Facebook, ‘G’ for Google, etc.  Instead of a physical address, you would simply enter the site address, your one of many email addresses (or username) used for that site, the password used, any security questions and answers and add the date you entered this information. It’s helpful when thinking about resetting a new password. This way you don’t need to wonder when you did it last! Another reason I suggest a book (versus saving to your pieces of tech) is simply because if those devices crash, break or get lost it could be a problem.

Yes, there are ‘Internet Password’ books available online.  However, seeing as they are clearly marked as an ‘Internet Password’ book on the outside cover, you must hide it in a secure location.  Which means you must remember where you put it! Also, which is more likely to be stolen if labeled as an ‘Address’ book or a ‘Internet Password’ book? Just something to think about.

That’s all for now! Hope you found this helpful!

Please be safe and stay home if you can during the pandemic.

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