Plan to declutter before it’s too late

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Plan to declutter before it’s too late

Yes, you read the title correctly. This topic is not meant to sound morbid or offend anyone.  It is meant to enlighten and help you plan to declutter before it’s too late. Death is a guaranteed part of our life’s journey and decluttering and organizing our belongings before we die desperately needs to be part of our plans. When we take the time to write our will it means that we make the conscience decision to plan for what’s to come. Why not plan for the decluttering process?

will and testament
This is something we should seriously consider doing when taking the time to plan for our departure. We make decisions about who will be our Power of Attorney, what to do with our finances and certainly there is some separation of our most pride possessions. Why not plan to have our remaining effects decluttered and organized before this time comes?

I work with families that are left with this task because there was no advanced discussion or planning. There is much frustration and some arguments amongst the family members. I can guarantee you this is not something that they enjoy putting on their ‘to-do’ list. They’re already feeling sad, depressed, lost and for some, confused. For many, to add this additional feeling of upset is almost cruel.

This topic is real and desperately needs to be part of your plans.

family planning

If you are the person that needs the decluttering and organizing, this article is providing you with the opportunity to plan to declutter.  Put yourself in their shoes for just one moment. How do you think they will feel if this is something they need to tackle after your death without any direction of who gets what and what goes where? How are you feeling right now if this situation were to happen suddenly? Are you or they prepared? Maybe this is something you have already gone through with a loved ones’ estate. How were you feeling at that time?

Sometimes a timeline is provided. This allows us to plan to declutter.  I am not suggesting that you don’t do your bucket list first. However, if you can and you really love your family, please make the time to declutter before time runs out. This allows you to be part of the decision making. Perhaps you have items that you would like dispersed in a certain way, that some people get over others. This allows you to be specific and still use your voice. Don’t ever think ‘It doesn’t matter’ because it does to them!

family planning

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