Realistic hallways closets!

front hall closet

Do you know what I think is absolutely hilarious?  The de-cluttering and organizing ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures in books, magazines and on the internet on how to organize a front hall closet when there is a family of 5 living in the house.   The ‘after’ pictures always come out as if there is no one left living there except a single male!  Was there a divorce we are unaware of?!  When you have both parents and three children in the house it is bound to be somewhat of a full closet.  We can always eliminate what is not serving us and re-organize it to function better of course but, when it goes from jam packed closet to three pairs of shoes (total) and two coats that is not realistic!  Even if it were a single females closet it would have more than 3 pairs of shoes!  Who are they trying to kid?!

Always remember that your closets don’t have to look like the ones in those articles.  So stop worrying!    It’s about making the space work for you and your family, not an ad in a magazine!