Spice racks aren’t just for spices!


For those of you who do not have a medicine cabinet on your bathroom wall and need an easier way to manage your morning routine, you may want to consider a kitchen spice rack for your toiletries and medications!   I know it sounds a bit odd but here are some great options to get organized that are simple and inexpensive!  Quick note: Safety first – if you have small children in the house please ensure there are always child locks on the cabinet doors!

You may have already seen them out there but didn’t think to use them in your bathroom…what I am referring to are the 3 tiered shelving units we use to have a more accurate view of our spices which allows for easy selection and putting the item back in its rightful spot.  You could place all hair products in the back row, lotions and mouthwash in the middle row, medications and nail polish in the front row.  How about a lazy susan?  These are great!  They come as a single or double shelf unit.  If you were to purchase a 2 shelf unit, you could put all your tall products on the top shelf and shorter/smaller items on the bottom!

Here are a couple of more handy dandies for you to think about!  There are spice racks that fit into drawers.  This may be handy if you or someone you know has trouble bending down or getting back up.   My last option I have for you for today are the racks where you adhere a piece of metal to the wall and there are little metal tins (with clear lids) that have magnets on the bottoms of the tins.  They pull off on go back on the wall with ease.  Again, no bending required!

These are all great because you can clearly see your products, they all provide easy access and you know where to put the product back as there is an empty space where you just took it from (hint-hint no more excuses for not being organized in your bathroom!)!

Hope you enjoyed today’s repurposing tips!  Have a Happy Tuesday!

Kathleen – AKA The FUN Organizer!

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Most of the pictures shown where from Solutions in Oakville www.solutions-stores.ca.