The Adventures of Princess Katie – Putting Things Back

Below is my first illustrated children’s book about organization and will be available for sale in the next day or two!  (Links to come) Teach your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends kids, etc. on how to keep things organized! I hope you will find it useful! Truth be told, adults could also benefit from it!

This book is a gentle, memorable and rewarding way to teach kids how to put things back where they belong after each use. The adventure, fun activities and colouring pages in this book are a wonderful introduction to educate children of the importance of getting and staying organized for life.

Princess Katie and her best friend Murphy are always up to something! In this adventure, a rainy day keeps them from going outside to play. While being creative is wonderful, it causes a big mess in Katie’s bedroom. The Queen teaches the Princess throughout the book, the importance of putting things back where they belong after each use to stay organized and always be able to find what she is looking for in the future.

cover JPEG