Don’t forget to purge!

A friend of mine suggested that I watch the movie ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ as she thought the girl in the movie would be my ‘perfect’ client!   So, with a little resistance, I sat and watched the entire movie.  If you have never seen this movie it is basically about a young lady that is trying to make it in the world but to make herself feel better about herself she needs to buy clothes and accessories that she clearly can’t afford let alone has space for in her tiny apartment bedroom!  This woman does not purge anything.   She forgets what she already has in her closet and therefore keeps buying!  It was a vicious cycle and quite frankly as a Professional Organizer, hard to watch!  There is a part in the movie where her friend suggests that she should ‘renew herself’ by donating her clothes, shoes, purses, etc.   Great idea…except this young lady’s idea of spring cleaning her closet means putting everything into those vacuum seal bags and sucking the air out of them to make space for more!  Let me make one thing very clear, this is NOT how it is done!!!!   LOL!  All I wanted to do was to go through the t.v. and help this poor girl!  I know de-cluttering can be very daunting and unpleasant at times but you don’t have to do it alone.

Ask yourself this question, if you don’t de-clutter and organize on a regular basis, how will your situation be in 5 or  10 years from now?  I’m here to help, not judge.  Take the first step and call now to book your assessment.

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