Winter to Spring…Everything in its place!


Spring has definitely sprung in our house!  Last week we had a beautiful afternoon and even though I was meant to be working on the business, I just couldn’t help myself.  I took advantage of the spring air, opened up the doors and de-cluttered the kitchen, the front and back hall and the dining room areas!  Considering it was already in fairly good shape, it didn’t take me long at all.  I will confess that some of my cupboards went into hybernation this past winter!  But I will get to those another day!  In the meantime, I rotated all the winter to spring gear over.  As a dog walker, trust me, there are alot of extras (hats, mitts (insulated, uninsulated, wool, gloves), scarves (thick, thicker, thickest), multiple coats depending on the temperature, snow pants), you name it, I own it!  It really is endless!  I put everything into bins that I have marked as ‘seasonal’ and stored them away for next year.  The kitchen really meant going through all the food, teas and tupperware to see if we would: eat it, drink it or needed to replace it!  By the way, if you have any unwanted/unopened food items, please consider donating it to your local food bank.  I brought any teas that I wanted to try but didn’t care for to a friend of mind that is a tea drinker and she was happy to take them off my hands!  I replaced the existing bin that housed all the remaining teas into a basket that I already owned and it looks quite pretty now!  I have added the required tupperware on the ‘To-Buy’ list on the fridge for my hubby to pick up the next time he is at the grocery store…yes he does all the grocery shopping!  He does all the cooking so he does all the grocery shopping!!  Train them early ladies!  The dining room cabinet didn’t take long at all.  I had purchased a few out door items for the deck for spring and that is where they got housed temporarily as there was a ton of space there.  They have all now made their way outside to the back deck and look quite cute if I do say so myself!!  All done!  See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?!