7 Tips On How To Maximize Storage In The Kitchen

This month I asked Katie from Wingers Cabinets (featured on HGTV’s Farmhouse Facelift) to give us 7 tips on how to maximize the storage in our kitchen! There are so many new ways to do so and #7 is my absolute favorite! Enjoy and I hope something here inspires you!

Wingers Cabinets
Maximize Storage In The Kitchen by Wingers Cabinets
Wingers Cabinets Kitchen Designs

Wingers Top Ways to Make Your Kitchen Functional, Without Sacrificing Beauty

When our customers come to see us, they want the kitchen of their dreams. While this is typically achieved with paint colour, hardware and cabinet design, we also believe the real beauty is in the functionality! When we design, we try to avoid dead space and fillers to maximize storage and performance. Here are some of our favourites to add to your kitchen!

1. Garbage/ Recycle Centers

Having a space inside of your cabinets for your garbage and recycling really helps to eliminate the eyesore of having a garbage bin on display. There are a variety of options which include multiple use bins, such as compost, garbage and recycling.

Garbage/ Recycle Centers
Wingers Garbage/ Recycle Centers

2. Pots and Pans drawer

A drawer that is designed specifically for your cookware helps to keep you organized. Everything has its place in this drawer, no more digging for that missing pot lid! We always ensure our pot and pans drawers have a strong drawer track to accommodate heavy cookware.

3. Adjustable Roll Out Drawers and Internal Drawers

Replacing a standard stationary shelf with a roll out drawer is an absolute must for the pantry. Bring your items out to you, this way everything is on display for you to see and use, whenever you need it! Internal drawers give you even more hidden storage.

Wingers Internal Drawers
Wingers Internal Drawers

4. Custom Cutlery Drawers

For a seamless look, give all of your cutlery and cooking utensils their very own spot, built right into your drawer. This custom option is something we offer to our customers, providing the perfect fit.

Custom Cutlery Drawers
Custom Cutlery Drawers

5. Blind Corners

Blind corners hide a ton of space, if you don’t know how to use it! Instead of piling cookware, groceries etc. into this tight corner, incorporate pull out shelves to easily organize all of your items for easy, grab and go functionality.

6. Spice/ Oil Drawer

Store your spices and oils in a drawer made just for them, keeping clutter off of your counter while providing a dark space to keep everything fresh.

Wingers Spices
Wingers Spices

7. Toe Kick Drawers (A Dream Space S.O.S. Favorite!)

Add hidden storage in your toe kicks to maximize space, as well as providing the perfect storage solution for flat, or barely used items.

Wingers Toe Kick Drawers
Wingers Toe Kick Drawers

While we are located in Hagersville, we service all over Ontario. From Niagara, Toronto, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton and everywhere in between! Customers come to us for quality, and for a one stop shopping experience!

To reach Wingers Cabinets call 905-768-1322, Email: Info@WingersCabinets.com or visit them online Wingers Cabinets.

As seen on HGTV's Farmhouse Facelift
As seen on HGTV’s Farmhouse Facelift

Hope you enjoyed ‘7 Tips On How To Maximize Storage In The Kitchen’! Until next time, stay safe out there!

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