7 Tips on How to Re-Design Your Favorite Space

Trying to figure out how to re-design your favorite space in your home can be overwhelming. We often don’t know where to start or we have too many ideas and don’t know which to chose. Is there a way in making them all mesh together? Here are 7 tips on how to help you Re-Design your favorite space!

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Ask yourself these questions

Do you have trouble selecting a colours or a theme?

Do you have several ideas and don’t know how to chose?

Are you trying to please more than just yourself?

Is your budget too low for all you want to achieve?

Did you answer ‘Yes’ to any or all of these questions? If so, let’s see if I can help you out a bit!

First things first! De-clutter!

  1. The very first thing you should do is de-clutter all unwanted items in your space! This will leave you with an idea of what is staying in this room. In other words, what you need to work with or around (furniture, etc.). Need help with De-Cluttering and Organizing? Contact me! Info@DreamSpaceSOS.com I’m here to help and service Niagara to downtown Toronto.

Decide on what you ‘love’ over ‘like’.

2. Sometimes we like something but we don’t know why.  It could be the colours that attract you but not so much the pattern or shape or vise versa. What about the texture? Do you have something that inspires you? Go back to those things that make you tilt your head and wonder why you only ‘like’ them! Look at them again! What is it exactly that you are liking about those items? If you notice, you will never have to do this step with something you ‘love’! So find out why you only ‘like’ something versus ‘love’ it! That is a big ‘TIP’ on getting ‘unstuck’ and moving forward! If you need colour inspiration try looking at paint chips! I love Behr.ca.

Third, write it all down

3. Write down each different idea you have in your head on paper/your computer in full detail. Try and remember everything you have been imagining. This includes: colour, materials (wood, metal, soft fabric, etc.), shapes, art, etc.. Seeing everything on paper could help break down what it is about each idea you really like.  Are their similarities? A certain pattern or shape? Light or dark colours? Wrought iron or chrome? Accessories, etc. ? What’s makin’ you tick?!

Who are you aiming to please?

4. Who do you have to impress? Sure it’s easier if it’s only you but chances are you have a family and you may not all agree on the same style.  Try sitting down with them and see if they can also write down what they like. Even a colour you all agree on is a starting point!

Never skip the budget!

5. Figure out a budget that works and stick to it! If it only allows you to paint, add a few accessories and some artwork that can be enough to change up any room!

Go online!

6. Once you have figured out some similar likes that you can all agree on, there are tons of ideas out there that will more than likely suit the masses.

There may be some hiccups!

7. Know that there may be hiccups in the planning or delivery of items. These days things seem to be on back order quite often so be patient. Know that it will all come together!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed the ‘7 Tips on How to Re-Design Your Favorite Space’.

Until next time, be safe out there!

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