Want Your Power Back? 5 Tips To Get Decluttered & Organized.

This is what freedom feels like! Get your power back by decluttering and organizing with Kathleen Hayden of DreamSpaceSOS.com

Want Your Power Back? It’s simple…Get Decluttered and Organized.

If you want your power back then I bet you are currently feeling overwhelmed. Getting your Power Back means you are working on getting your life back on track. Anyone ever tell you they didn’t find life to be easier after they got decluttered and organized? No! Never! Keep reading for my 5 great tips!

Do you often feel like life has you by the…? And no matter what you do or try to do, you feel like your brain is going to explode because you are spinning and going around in circles? The list(s) just keep adding up and the piles of ‘stuff’ keep growing? You can’t find what you want and particularly when you’re in a hurry? Feeling overwhelmed sometimes? …most of the time? …all the time?! Okay, let’s see if I can help you out with that!

The Famous Quote: I’ll do it later.

When you’re just not in the mood, do you ever say that famous quote: “I’ll do it later.”? It’s really tough to get out of that funk. Most of the time it’s because life’s going okay and BAMB, it throws you a curveball.

Am I wrong? Think about it, if you’re doing your thing and life may not be spectacular but it’s ‘okay’ you don’t notice a few things out of place until everyone needs something from you at the same time. You have now been ‘gifted’ 4 new priorities and they all need to be dealt with immediately. They can range from work load, family life to a traumatic event. A few small piles (let’s say 5) of things to do/sort/take care of (not at that exact moment) but need to be done fairly soon, have now been pushed aside to be dealt with ‘later‘. As time consumes you with these new priorities, a few new piles grow (5 more) …and so on (5 more) , and so on (5 more), and so on (5 more).

The Merry-Go-Round…

Now, weeks/months have gone by. Those new priorities have been completed and you can finally relax for 5 minutes. This is when we notice the now 25 piles that we ignored & have accumulated into mountains. The feeling of being overwhelmed begins here and you start to spin. I compare it to a Merry-Go-Round.

Why? Because when we get this overwhelmed and make any type of effort to try and do a little something, we typically become unsuccessful at this very moment. For some reason we pickup one thing to take care of and 10 more things along the way to deal with (at the same time) and in the end, we wind up in the exact same spot where we started. With the one thing we originally began to take care of. Except now, we have 11 things in our hands and nothing has been put away. We just went in a big circle! …thus the Merry-Go-Round! Sound familiar?

5 Tips To Getting Off And Staying Off The Ride!

Falling into this trap of the ‘Merry-Go-Round’ and wanting to get off can sometimes be tricky but if you are determined and want to do it alone here’s how!

  1. Write a new list of all the things you need to do. Gather all the small scraps of paper that have some ‘to-do’ on them and just put them all on one one piece of paper. Recycle the rest.
  2. Try to put some sort of time limit on everything. Use a timer if you need to. This helps you stay focused on the task at hand.
  3. If you are this overwhelmed, do one single task at a time! Do NOT multi-task! …unless you want to get back on the ride!
  4. If you are only able to complete one or two tasks in a day, it’s okay! Tell yourself, you did a ‘Good job!’ today! Pat yourself on the back! Do not be discouraged. What you do accomplish is AMAZING! It is great because you did not get back on the ride!!!
  5. If you just can’t get off the ride…call in reinforcements to help out. This too is good! Sometimes that curveball hits us directly in the face and we just can’t do it alone. This is all about knowing your limits. If you need to call someone for help that shows strength…not weakness. Well done!

These 5 tips are the beginning of you getting your ‘Power Back’! I hope you found something helpful and enjoyed ‘Want Your Power Back? 5 Tips to Get Decluttered and Organized.’.

Until next time, stay safe out there!

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