Am I going to have to call you a ‘Bag lady’?!

reusable bags.jpg5

Okay, seriously…what’s the deal with the bags?!!  In my experience, I would say that bags are a women’s best friend, besides shoes!  It’s as though some people are afraid they will never see another plastic, paper or reusable bag ever again in their lifetime!  I believe in being green but I think some people think that some bags are like some sort of ‘keep sake’ or ‘lost treasure’ and should be put into a ‘memorabilia box’!   If you are laughing right now, you know what I am talking about!  For those ‘specialty store’ bags (ie: Coach, Banana Republic, etc.) use them to tote stuff around, like to and from the car, put your lunch in it.  If you don’t use them no one knows you have them!  So show them off!

Here is what I recommend:  Always have about 5 reusable bags in the car and remember, they are not only for your groceries!  I actually carry 2 with me at all times and I got them from Lee Valley.  They are light as a feather and they fold up into these tiny little pouches so they are both in my purse at all times.  Whether I am at a clothing store, the grocery store, the library, wherever, I always have 2 bags with me ready to be used.  I also have a few extra cotton bags in my trunk if I know I am going to require more at any given time.  However, my collection of reusable bags in my trunk is still limited!  Hint, hint!  Besides paper, I think this may be the next biggest challenge that our population deals with (or at least the population that I deal with)!  Keep what you really need and let go of the rest!  Recycle what you can or use the plastic grocery bags in your garbage pails (most of the time they seem to be a perfect fit for that!).   Good luck!