How organized are you? Test Yourself!

test yourself

Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to these few simple questions about your space and get your organizational results below!!

1.       Do you know where your phone bill is?

2.      Can you have people over anytime to visit?

3.      Does your Rec room look like a tornado hit it?

4.      Do you know what’s in your fridge?

5.      Do you know what’s in your freezer?

6.      How old are your ice cubes?

7.      When was the last time you sorted through the bottom drawer of  your stove?

8.      Can you walk through your garage and basement with ease?

9.      Could you locate a nail and hammer?

10.    Can you see the floor in your car?

11.     Do you know where your RV keys are?

12.    When was the last time you cleaned out your purse or wallet?

13.    How many junk drawers do you have?

14.    How many pairs of scissors do you own?  Where are they?

15.    Are your garden tools all in one tidy area?

16.    Is your back yard area a pleasant view?

17.    The last time you moved, did you move everything you had to the new location or did you donate your unwanted items?

18.    Where are your passport and birth certificate located?

19.    Are your files always ready for tax time?

20.   How many unused icons do you have on your desktop?

21.    When was the last time you cleaned up your inbox?

22.   Can you see your office desk?

23.   Can you see your office floor?

24.   A client calls and asks you a question; would you be able to respond quickly?

On a scale from 1 to 24, how did you score?

0 – 5 = URGENT!!!  Call now to schedule your assessment and sign up for one of the maintenance programs I offer!

6 – 10 = Desperate!!  
Call today to schedule your assessment!  Consider a maintenance program!

11 – 15 = Need Help! 
Call this week to schedule your assessment and consider a bi-yearly program (spring and fall ‘Tune-up’!) to keep you on track!

16 – 20 = Could do with a tidy up. 
Call this week to schedule your assessment and let’s get you organized once and for all!

21 – 24 = On the right path! 
Great job!