Don’t Quit Before You Begin…Finish Something!

Since the beginning of 2022 I’ve been writing a series of quick and easy blogs to get you started and keep you motivated to de-clutter! If you’ve just joined now, start reading from January! They’re all about a 1-2 minute read to help you keep going with your resolution of getting de-cluttered and organized!

Don’t quit before you begin!

Now that we are in July, I’m hoping you’ve had the opportunity to tackle a small area of your home, office or even your vehicle. If you’re reading this month’s blog and saying ‘Nope!’ then pitter patter! Open up the utensil drawer in the kitchen and try to eliminate the unwanted, broken, or duplicate items. Remember that if you quit before you begin you will never be organized! Success breeds success: finish something! You’ll feel great once you do even a little bit of something!

Here’s a great quote to print and put on your fridge!

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