How To Figure Out ‘Where Things Go’

Well, as they say in the real estate world…location is everything! How to figure out where things go can be a large part of what holds you back. I know it’s tough trying to figure out the whole de-cluttering and organizing process. That’s why I’ve created this series of quick 1 minute read, blog posts for 2022. To help keep you motivated to push through it! If you are just joining us now, I encourage you to start with January’s blog. Seriously, they are one minute long and this is only August…so it will take you 8 minutes!

How do you figure out where to put your stuff?

How to figure out where things go can be challenging and in many cases, this is where people stop the process. The answer is fairly simple. Where would you like it to be? This is the best place to start!

Let’s say you have 9 pairs of scissors. The rule of having all the ‘Likes’ together doesn’t always apply! Consider these options. Have one in the large utensil drawer in the kitchen to open up food packages. Another in the laundry room to cut new clothing tags off before you wash them. How about in your office? You could also have a set with your tools. I personally have scissors in my bathroom to trim my bangs! Basically it’s what is the most convenient for you and your family?

Now that you have figured out the appropriate locations that best suit your needs, you could donate the remainder! Consider The Diabetes Association!

Remember this…

It’s about ease. Therefore always place things in the most convenient areas that make sense to you and your family because no one else lives there! If everyone can find something more easily, life is better! Now everyone just needs to remember to put it back where they found it and life will be perfect! LOL!

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Until next time, stay safe out there!

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