Freedom From Clutter Starts In The Mind

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For the past 2 months I’ve asked you to ‘Just Think About Being Organized‘ and ‘What’s Stopping You From Being Organized?‘. Hopefully you had a chance to read them. If not, click on the links above to check them out first! I’m curious to know if you’ve figured out what is stopping you? This month I want to remind you that freedom from clutter starts in the mind!

Is the answer something you can change?

We all have things we don’t want to do in life. However, they still need to be done. Therefore, if freedom from clutter starts in the mind, that means we need to change our mind about something. So what if you treated clutter as a ‘must do task’? Would it change the results? What if you changed your mindset so that it wasn’t considered a ‘chore’? Would that change the results? If you rewarded yourself for doing a bit everyday, week or month, would that change the results? What is it that you can do or tell yourself to ‘trick’ your brain into wanting to de-clutter and get organized? Because if you want that freedom from clutter you must take action! Find that ‘magic’ within you because the time to feel free is now!

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