What’s Stopping You From Being Organized?

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For the month of April we’re tackling the ‘What is stopping you from being organized?’. Hopefully you had a chance to read last months blog which was short and sweet. If you didn’t click here first (it’s a 10 second read!) Just Think About Being Organized For 31 Days. I asked that you print it out and put it on your fridge to see it everyday, for 31 days.

Here’s why, they say that thinking about something for a period of time helps you be more successful. It will at minimum bring the thought of organizing to the top of your mind, instead of having buried in the depths of your brain called the hippocampus! Yup, that’s the part of the brain where we bury all that data we no longer need or want! So either way…you’re welcome!!!! LOL!

What’s stopping you?

So now that I have made you think about getting organized by bringing it to the very front of your noodle, my question to you this month is this: ‘What’s stopping you from getting organized?’. It doesn’t matter what the answer is. Just be honest with yourself. You may or may not need to dig deep for the answer.

Print this post, write your answer in the space provided below and post it on your fridge for the next 30 days!


That’s all for now!

Until next time, stay safe out there!

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