How Dollar Stores, Sales & BOGOs can = Clutter

Buy only what you need! Sales can = clutter!

With Christmas approaching it’s easy to be swayed by cheap prices to fill the stockings and cupboards with dollar store items, sale prices and BOGOs! Think twice before you buy. Sales can = clutter and it’s still your hard-earned money that you are spending! Don’t let the cheap prices and product quality make you buy more than what you really need & want. Remember that dollar store items don’t last long, things always go on sale and ask yourself if you really need the 2nd BOGO item?! Otherwise, you could be left with piles of ‘stuff’ that sits around forever and less money in your wallet. Which in other words, means excess clutter!


Now is a great time to write out all the people you need to buy for. Find out what they would really like to see under the tree for Christmas before you buy! If you take the guessing game out of the equation you will also find that you will save a lot of time! Please also remember to shop locally whenever possible! Even though our largest ‘hit’ from Covid may be over, businesses are still not at 100% of what they used to be.

No clutter here…Money well spent!

A few great and inexpensive ideas to fill the stockings with this year to help you or a loved one get organized. If this is something you would like to see in your stocking this year, share the link with someone!

For the kiddos

The Adventures of Princess Katie – Putting Things Back

My children’s book is a gentle way to start kids at a young age to put things back where they belong to be organized for life. Truth be told…it’s a great book for adults too! The concept applies to everyone!

Brand new items for adults!

Got Clutter?! 54 Inspirational and Motivational quoted card decks for adults to get started and/or keep going! Both decks can be mixed and matched with one another and can be taken anywhere you need them! With these 2 decks, you can create a vision board, put some on a mirror, the fridge, your car or wallet! Change them out for different ones that speak to you at different times of the day, week, month or year! Give one to a friend that needs a little encouragement. So many great ways to be used!

54 Inspirational Cards to help you get de-cluttered & organized for better mental health

54 Motivational cards to help you get de-cluttered & organized. …And for life in general because ‘Adulting’ is hard!

2022 Series

If you’re just joining us, here is the link to the first post to help you get de-cluttered and organized this year. I urge you to start at the beginning and share them with someone you care about. Getting De-cluttered & Organized in 2022! They are all short 1 – 2 minute reads to help you get started.

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