How to De-Clutter and Organize using ‘BABY’ steps

How to De-Clutter and Organize using ‘BABY’ steps

Step ONE…the definition of ‘BABY’

B – Believe

A – Achieve

B – Begin

Y- Yes I can!

Always begin with these ‘BABY’ steps when you are trying to de-clutter and organize an area that you don’t like or are feeling overwhelmed about.  We’re not all good at everything!   I’m not a Professional painting artist; therefore I know I won’t be able to create a master piece on my first try!  However, if I take a class, practice and seek guidance from someone who is, I could be!   I would consider beginning with a small canvas, not on an a 6’ X 6’, and grow from there!  On that note, try the glove compartment in your car or the drawer under your stove.  Touch something once and make a decision as to where it should goSmall areas are a great place to start and a great first ‘BABY’ step in believing that you can conquer this!  They say it takes 28 days to achieve a new habit.  That’s 28 days of thinking about it, trying it, tweaking it and eventually perfecting it!  If you were to cheat on your diet, where would that get you?  If you want it, don’t stop thinking about it!  If you can’t stop thinking about, don’t stop working for it!

‘Yes I can!’

When it comes to de-cluttering, I always say that you need to be ready or you won’t be as successful as you would like to be.  Change your mind-set.  If you are ready, you must believe that you will be successful in order to not sabotage your task in advance!  By thinking negatively before you have even begun, means that you are not ready just yet.   At work or in your home, substitute failure thinking for success thinking.  When you are faced with a difficult situation, think ‘Yes I can!’, not ‘No I can’t or I doubt it’.  Otherwise yes, you will probably not be a very happy camper!  When tackling clutter remember, that you are not competing against anyone!  That alone should create less pressure.

Also, know your limits.  Start with the small areas that I have mentioned above and if that is a success for you, move forward.  This does not mean the entire kitchen or family room!  It means a cupboard in the kitchen or the surface of your coffee table, in your family room!  Success is only up to you and how badly you want it!  So ask yourself; ‘How badly do I want to be de-cluttered and organized?’  What’s your answer?  If your answer is ‘No I can’t.’, then treat this article like a Magic 8 Ball…give it a good shake and try again later when you’re ready!

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