Does decluttering your space declutter your mind?

Does decluttering the chaos of your space also declutter the chaos in your mind?  The answer to that is easy…YES!

If you follow me on my Facebook business page Dream Space S.O.S., you may have noticed that sometimes I post a little differently.  I realized recently that as much as people LOVE to see the before and after pictures of a space that I have created, it’s not always about that.  It is about the personal acheivement and success that my clients have done at the end of each session. Scroll down, to read more…

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Dream Space S.O.S. delivers RESULTS which equals Success!

You see, not everyone is able or, finds it easy to let go of the things they have.  Perhaps they’ve had a tramatic event or some sort of set back in life, like a death in the family or loss of a job for example. Those are some of my clients that I work with.  Every little step they take each time I am with them, is a result, which equals success for a happy mind!  Success may require some time and assistance (cue Dream Space S.O.S.!)  but that doesn’t change the end result of a delcuttered space and mind!  Never be afraid to ask for help.

After each session that I am with a client, they always comment on the effects that are happening as we are doing the work.  They feel clearer on making new decisions, they feel lighter in the sense that it was wearing on thier body emotionally, they feel more ‘free’ in their space (there is room to move around) and they sleep better.  All of these affect the mind and how we channel our new energy eslewhere; which is making their future brighter, easier, less stressful and above all, happier!

If you or someone you know has difficulty decluttering, don’t begin by looking at your area of concern and think ‘I can’t do this’, because you can!  Changing your mindset is the first step on getting you ready to begin.  Even if you need help, you can do it!   Just know this…Whatever the amount of clutter that you are able to sort through today, is AMAZING!  Be PROUD of your accomplishment! Take a picture of it to keep you motivated!  Remember: Think of what you can do versus what you cannot do.

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