How to Organize a Multi Purpose Room by Dream Space S.O.S.

How to Organize a Multi Purpose Room by Dream Space S.O.S.

Here is the true meaning of a multi purpose room!  As you will see from these pictures, it is possible to have more than one purpose in one small area of your home.  This area now functions as it should.  It serves as the front hall closet, baby change station and family library!  As long as you keep each section organized it is clear what each area of this small space is serving.

See my tips below…

Organizing tips:

1) First things first!  Try and let go of those unwanted/not needed items!  Sometimes we forget to remove the mittens, hats or boots that don’t fit the kids anymore! This alone could free up some space!  Have a good clean out of your space.

2) Don’t forget that if you use something, always put it back in its rightful place.  This will help you save time the next time you are looking for it.

3) Re-use any baskets, totes or bins that you may already have around the house.  Don’t spend your time, gas and money if you don’t need to!

4) If you are on a budget and need organizing tools, try your local dollar store.  You may surprise yourself on what they have.   After we used what my client already had in their home, we went to the local dollar store and spent less than 25.00 on a few bins/baskets and totes that worked for this space.  We used them in the baby change station and inside the wardrobe to separate mitts, hats and dog walking items (which is a hidden area).  Perfect!

If you have a multi purpose room that is in desperate need of organizing and space sharing, give Dream Space S.O.S. a call!  905-923-4376  I’m always here to help you make your space work for you!

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