Re-Organizing Our Thoughts For A Positive Mindset & Better Mental Health

Re-organizing our thoughts to achieve a positive mindset and better mental health now

Crazy but true, we are still enduring the effects of Covid-19 over a year later. You all know that prior to Covid I was working everyday to help as many people as possible clear their clutter and get organized for better mental health. And now not helping as many people as I’m accustom to, I have been worrying about everyone’s mindset and mental health. We all know that clutter plays a big roll in our mental health and wellbeing. Not being able to reach as many clients at the moment as usual, I thought I’d ask Heidi to help us achieve a more positive mindset for better mental health. By doing 3 simple actions that she suggests, you’ll then be re-organizing your thoughts to reach a more positive mindset and create better mental health for yourself right away. It many not clear the clutter but it will help clear and cheer your mind!

Pinch, Smile and Celebrate Your Way to the Best Year YET!

Heidi Allen

I feel many of us can agree that this last year has caused us all some undue stress, and anxiety. Many have lost a job, some are struggling with home schooling and all of us are having to self-quarantine‚ All moments we least expected. However, no need to stress or let anxiety become your only reaction anymore.

As the founder of the Put U First women’s empowerment global and community, and author of the best-selling motivational book, Stories: Finding Your wings, I believe we can make it easier, calmer and more positive by doing three simple things — a Pinch, Smile and a Celebration.


  1. Pinch – Are you feeling stress and anxiety throughout your day? My suggestion, during the moment you feel yourself stressing and worrying is to pinch the skin between your thumb and index finger. Not too hard, but just hard enough to get your attention. Then focus on the feeling. This one little trick can instantly transport you back to the present, letting go of worry and stress and in turn acts as a reminder to enjoy the moment.



2. Smile – Have you ever heard the saying “Turn that frown upside down”? Of course, you have. Yet, how many times have you wanted to strangle the person who actually said it? Sorry to say, they were right. A smile does have the power to make you feel better. Smiling can actually change your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and even prolong your life. Science has shown a smile can induce a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing hormones including dopamine, which increases happiness and serotonin, which is linked to reducing stress. So, stop frowning and smile.



3. Celebration – Is your life feeling overwhelmed due to too many obligations and things to do? I suggest, to keep things more positive and enjoyable, break your list down into smaller chunks and organize it into things you can quickly complete. Then as each item is checked, I recommend celebrating the accomplishment. This can be anything from, verbally congratulating yourself, treating yourself to a specialty coffee or even sharing your good news with a friend. You see, in most cases, we are always reminding ourselves of everything we haven’t done. Whereas, my suggestion celebrates what you have done.  

So, it’s up to you, spend the rest of the year feeling frustrated , anxious or stressed….or you could Pinch, Smile and Celebrate your way to having the best year yet!

Heidi Allen




Big ‘Thank-you!’ to Heidi and hope you all found ‘Re-Oganizing Our Thoughts for a Positive Mindset & Better Mental Health‘ useful!


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Until next time, stay safe out there!

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