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Just like real clutter, ‘Mental Clutter’ also needs steps and a process. I invited Kristin Larson a Certified Mastery Transformational Health Coach (additional information below) to help educate us. He will discuss the steps on how to clear our mental clutter. I hope you find it helpful and are able to share this with someone you know that is struggling with mental clutter. Many people go through tough times, but now more than ever during COVID. So if this information can help even one person, we will be happy!

Steps On How To Clear Our Mental Clutter

Organizing mental clutter is an important part of enjoying life. It helps to provide stability and hope in the midst of uncertainty and setbacks. It nurtures the growth of resilience. Placing focus on what really matters. The question could be asked, “what really matters?”. The mental clutter will prevent what really matters to you from being a stable presence in life. There are many emotions and thoughts that accumulate as mental clutter. They are not junk or garbage that can be thrown away. They need to be processed and organized. – Dan Meyers

The mental clutter could be grief, anger, trauma, worry, doubt, frustration, disappointment, guilt, shame. If these things are not processed, the mental clutter builds up and can lead to conditions of depression and anxiety.

What let’s you know the mental clutter is getting out of control, needs to be processed and organized right now?

You may have lack of energy, not wanting to get out of bed, thoughts and feelings of isolation, feelings of being helpless, not seeing hope or possibility of things improving. Extreme self judgement and shame. Guilt for what is happening and the state you are in.

When the mental clutter is piled up, it may seem hard to breathe. Everything might feel numb. The choices available just don’t feel like an option. There is one choice that is the only option that will create the choices to begin the process of mental de-cluttering. ACCOUNTABILITY. Accepting that sometimes we can’t do everything alone. Asking for help is a choice. Letting go of what it means to ask for help. It acknowledges that you are worth it. You are valued. You can choose how you would like to experience life.

What type of support do you want to assist you in the mental decluttering?

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  1. Talk to your family or a friend. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It is part of being human. Someone listening to you can really help process your thoughts and emotions.

Options for deeper levels of support:

  • Psychologist- better understand and cope with thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Psychiatrist- diagnose mental health conditions, prescribe and monitor medications, provide therapy.
  • Greif Counsellor supports people who have experienced a loss, find meaning, and move through the stages of grief to begin the healing process.
  • Psychotherapist supports people with various mental health conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, bipolar disorder, negative behavior patterns, schizophrenia.
  • Health Coach supports with habits, accountability, mindset, goals, way of being, self care.
  • Urgent assistance
  • Suicide hotline is a mental health emergency for life-threatening situations in which an individual is imminently threatening harm to self or others. The Canada Suicide Prevention Service is available 24/7 and the number is 1-833-456-4566. – Total Shape

Who would you want to talk to right now? There is no wrong choice because it is a step towards getting support in the process. Where you are is a starting point. Clearing the mental clutter takes small steps. Those small steps are the choices you have in this moment. Clearing the mental clutter helps you to feel alive again.

Kristin Larson

Kristin Larsen is a Certified Mastery Transformational Health Coach. He helps people ignite belief in themselves so they have permission to trust their inner leader and achieve what they want in life without limitations. He helps men and women embrace their struggles and challenges in their lives so they can create courage to cultivate inner leadership and shift the mindset.  Allowing them to step into being the person they want to be and start living the fulfilling and happy life they envision.

Kristin is a published author of the book, Decision To Heal: Pathways From Suffering To Love and soon to be published book, Joy Of Being: Daily Moments Of Becoming Present.

He offers support through his signature 90 day program- Leading From Within and 6 week program- Mindset Cleanse

Kristin’s Contact info:

Phone: 705-321-7243 or Email –



Hope you all enjoyed Kristin’s ‘Steps On How To Clear Our Mental Clutter’. He’s here to help so please reach out to him and please share this blog. It can help so many people right now. No one needs to tuck ‘Mental Health’ under the rug anymore. Together we can clear the clutter in our minds and spaces!

Until next time, stay safe out there!

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