Re-pursosing small containers to get organized by Dream Space S.O.S.



Re-using a small container for small everyday needs. #GetDecluttered with

Re-using a small container for small everyday needs. #GetDecluttered with

Click on the like above which will take you to my YouTube video on how to use and incorporate small containers you may already have around the home or office to help you get organized!

What do you have around the home or office that you could repurpose?  Hunt around!  You may surprise yourself! An old tin that you might like can hold mints and gum or even some USB sticks in the office!  Maybe you have a sentimental piece that you just can’t get rid of like a mug with a chip in it?  Try putting some pens or pencils in it with a pair of scissors and a ruler in a spot that could really use it!  I have a small mint tin with a sliding cover that I now use to put my vitamins in when I travel.  The lid locks in place so I know they won’t spill out!  I have a small basket by the back door that holds my car keys and my sunglasses.  I always put them in that same spot so if I’m in a rush in the morning, I never have to wonder where they are when I have to run out the door!

Do you have an idea or comment you would like to share with me on this or any other topic?  Let me know!  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, have fun and ‘Happy hunting’!

Kathleen Hayden – The ‘FUN’ Organizer!

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