Saying ‘Good bye’ to Dream Space Organizing…

Dream Space S.O.S. 'One Stop Shop Solution'

Dream Space S.O.S.
Staging. Organizing. Styling.
Your ‘One Stop Shop Solution’ to create your ‘Dream Space’!

2 HUGE announcements!

Big announcement #1!

Have you been wondering why I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately?!  I’m very excited to finally share with all of you my big, exciting news!  Dream Space Organizing has been growing so quickly and has taking me to new heights that it makes me wonder why I didn’t do this sooner!  With the rapid growth of my business, meant that I needed to catch up, to grow with it!   Therefore, for those of you who are unaware, I went back to school.   Besides being a Trained Professional Organizer, I am now also, a Certified Home Stager and Redesigner!  Although this was something I was already providing my clients that were relocating or just needed some design ideas, staging and redesign were not services I ever promoted as I was not ‘Certified’.  With these 2 new services, I am now able to provide you with a ‘One Stop Shop Solution’ to create your ‘Dream Space’!  Whether you need de-cluttering and organizing in your home, home office or small business office; or you are moving and need a home stager to increase the market value of your home, beat out your competition and sell your home fast; or you are looking at redesigning your favorite room, I’m here to help and am so excited for all the new opportunities this brings!  You can mix and match these services too!  For example: If your home office is desperate for change we can de-clutter, organize and re-design it to suit you (new paint, furniture, artwork, flooring, etc.)!  With these new services, the sky’s the limit!!  But wait…there is more…

BIGGER announcement!

With this milestone I also felt as though my company name (Dream Space Organizing) was limiting me on how people viewed what I was offering or capable of offering.  I therefore took the plunge and made the biggest decision to change my company name from Dream Space Organizing to ‘Dream Space S.O.S.‘!  The S.O.S. stands for ‘Staging, Organizing, Styling’.  In my opinion, this delivers the message I am trying to convey (your ‘One Stop Shop Solution’ to create your ‘Dream Space’).

I do have new contact information which is below but please know that my old contact information (Dream Space Organizing) is currently still valid and is being forwarded to my new contact info.  Therefore anything you send to the old email address will still be reviewed!  However, if I could kindly ask that you make the appropriate changes on your phones, and computers, it would be so great to communicate with you via my new business name ‘Dream Space S.O.S.’!!

If you have any questions or would like to celebrate with me(!) drop me a line or give me a call!   My phone # has not changed.  I am still ‘The FUN Organizer’ and you can still #GetDecluttered with me at Dream Space SOS!

New Email:

New Website:

Phone: the same 905-923-4376

SPECIAL THANKS…I’d like to thank everyone that has been there for me and for all of your support!  It has been an interesting journey for sure!  Most of all, I’d like to thank my AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE husband of 10 years that believes in me more than I do!  LOL!  I love you D!  xxx