Rental Storage Unit…’won’…Cabin…zero!


Rental Storage Unit…’won’…Cabin…zero!

A while ago I met a really nice gentleman that told me this story (and that I was welcome to share with you). It was about his dream of owning a small cabin in the woods for him and his wife to spend time in, once they retire.  He had it all planned out!  He was almost ready to start saving for the down payment.  Due to his mothers’ passing, he acquired her furniture and thought it would be a great idea to save it for this cabin!   After all, this would save him a lot of money in the long run from purchasing it in the future!   The only trouble was that there was no room to store it.  He decided that he would get a rental storage unit (temporarily of course) to house all the furniture.  Well, after 10 years and $8,000.00 later, he decided to go poke around the unit.  To his dismay, he discovered that all of the pieces had turned moldy.  Unfortunately, nothing was salvageable and he ended up having to through it all away.  The moral of this story is simple; don’t waste your money on a rental storage unit unless it is absolutely necessary!  I understand that on occasion there will be times when we need to temporarily store our items (moving, renovations, etc.).  However, if you plan on renting one long-term, consider the cost that is associated with it.  If it is placed in a unit, do you really need it?  Just make sure the answer is ‘Yes!’ before you invest!

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