Staging tips to sell your home faster!

Staging tips

Staging tips to sell your home faster


Getting ready to sell your home?  Below are a few simple staging tips to increase the market value, beat out your competition and sell your home faster!

1. Clean and De-clutter. This MUST be done.  It is difficult for buyers to see themselves living in your home if they can’t see the floor or the walls because there is clutter everywhere.  Although obvious, a deep, thorough cleaning inside and outside of all cabinets, drawers and closets is important. Eliminate or place in storage all the items that you do not need or use daily.  Remove all personal items.   It’s important to assist the buyer envision how they will see themselves living in the space.  Lastly, all weapons (used as display or otherwise), valuables or personal items should be locked away.  If there is a drawer or door, assume that it will be opened.

2. Curb Appeal and Entrance. The front and back of the home should pop.  Making sure that the lawn is maintained, plant flowers for colour, ensuring paint is fresh, the windows and doors are free from cobwebs or dirt, screens are not sagging or broken, and the porch and deck should be clean and tidy.

3. If it’s broken, fix it. If a door handle sticks, if roof shingles are in rough shape, if you have a leaky faucet or the tile grout is coming up, all of these will be noticed by a prospective buyer.  Buyers may assume that the costs to repair any of these are more than the actual cost which may prompt them to over look your home or submit a lower offer.

4. Paint. A new coat of paint on your walls and ceiling will make your house look fresh, clean and updated.  Choose neutral colours for walls that would appeal to the masses.  Putty and sand all holes and cracks.

5. Floors. Flooring gets the most wear over any other part of your home. Carpet should be steam cleaned or replaced if necessary.  Tile grout should be clean and repaired/filled (ensure it is not coming up in any areas).  Hardwood should shine and replace linoleum if there are any holes or gouges.

6. The Roof.  The roof must be in good shape, no leaks, missing shingles or sagging.  Check your gutters while you are up there.  Are they cleaned out and in good working condition?  Replace if necessary.

7. De-odorize.  A lot of people have allergies and the two biggest culprits are animals and smoke.  Take pets with you when you leave for showings.  Wash their plush toys and bedding often.  If there is a smoker in the house consider having them go outside until you sell.  Clean your ceiling, walls, floors, cabinets, etc. thoroughly to get the smell out.  Purchase air deodorizers and use on large pieces of furniture.

8. The windows. New windows are expensive but if it is in the budget, they are a good investment to help sell your home.  If it is not in the budget, ensure they shine inside and out, that the trim is freshly painted and window covering as clean and in good condition.

9. Staging. This is a big one!!! Right before you put your home on the market, make  your home sale ready. Research has shown that having your home staged can increase the chance of your home selling faster and for a higher sales price vs. not having it staged.  Hiring a professional is best as they know what to focus on to best improve your homes potential to help sell your home quickly, at a higher resale value and beat out your competition.

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