The trick to De-cluttering and Organizing!


The real trick to de-cluttering and organzing!  There is no magic to it…



I am often asked ‘How do you do this?’ or ‘I can’t believe you love to do this!’.   My answer is answer is always the same ‘I love it!  We are all good at something!’.  To me this is FUN!  I work with great clients that make the day go by quickly and I always feel as though I have accomplished something good at the end of the day!

It’s about starting small and being proud of what you have done.  Don’t ever be discouraged.  Concentrate on what you have done and keep on truckin’!   I teach people to start with their smallest junk drawer or glove compartment in their vehicle as it seems to be the easiest to handle.   It’s about separating everything into piles and putting things in their rightful place.  The real trick is (besides being ‘ready to conquer’), if you use something, put it back.   Try it, it works!

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