Why shop when you can swap?!

clothing exchange

Living in Ontario can be a little dicey when it comes to timing the seasonal ‘switch over’ of our wardrobes.  However, now that the May 2-4 is over I think it’s safe to say that the snow is going to hold off for a few months, fingers crossed!  Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, now is definitely a good time to go through and take inventory of what you have.

First things first, have a spare bedroom available (if possible) to do this.

Go through all of your spring, summer, fall and winter clothes, shoes, boots, coats, purses, belts, jewellery and even those fancy hats!

Be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself: Does it fit?  Do I like/love it?  Is it still in good shape?   Is it still in style?  I can’t remember the last time I wore it?   If the tag is still on it: Why haven’t I worn it?  or my favorite…Why did I even buy it?

I have discovered that a lot of my clients don’t want to give something up because they paid a lot of money for it and is now serving as some type of ‘clothing investment’.  Sound familiar?!  I get it, but if it’s only taking up space in your closet, it doesn’t make sense to keep it.  Have you considered a consignment shop?  This is a great way to make some cash back on those ‘expensive’ items that aren’t serving you.    If you’re not concerned with making a return on your ‘investment’ then here is a great and fun way to eliminate what you aren’t wearing.   A clothing exchange party with all your gal pals!   This is a great way to ‘go shopping’ and refresh your own wardrobe without spending your dosh!   Nice!

Here is what you do…

– Pick a day and time for your ‘Why shop when you can swap!’ party

– Make a list of who you would like to have

– Decide on some guidelines:

– Must still be in good shape, still in style, name brands only (if you want)

– List all items that will be available for exchange: clothes, shoes, boots, purses, belts, jewellery, etc.

– Do you want it to be a BYOB or a snack or will you provide that

– Do you want them to invite a friend that may want to participate in the exchange

– Whatever your little heart desires!

– Send out an Evite to all of your gal pals (ask them to RSVP)

– Have FUN!

Happy swapping!