Canadian Diabetes Assoc. Donation Drive

This past Saturday (May 4th, 2013) I participated in a donation drive to support the Canadian Diabetes Association through Value Village.  A cause that many of you already know, is very dear to my heart.   A lot of work went into preparing this event, but no one minded.  In fact everyone was quite pleased to do it!   Everyone had something to do to get this ‘party started’!  For example:  The store manager took care of the BBQ, face painting, games and prizes for the kids and many store announcements throughout the week for shoppers to stop by and donate on May 4th.  There was a representative from the Canadian Diabetes there that thanked each individual person for coming down and donating and handed out information to folks to let them know how their donation helps.  I took care of communicating with as many people as possible through word of mouth, social media, radio and tv stations.  Requesting them to come out to broadcast and make announcements on air and post on their ‘community boards’ to get the word out, all to support the CDA.

I arrived at the location early the day of the event and was amazed to see the line up had already begun!  People were sometimes lined up on the street to turn into Value Village just to donate their unwanted and gently used items to support the cause!  I was truly amazed how everyone came together to pull this great event off!  Everyone worked hard to create what turned out to be a fantastic donation drive!  This obviously includes the lovely people that took the time out of their busy weekend to clear out their clutter and donate (happily) for such a great cause!   I saw a bags of clothes, a treadmill, TV’s, furniture, 2 trailers worth of household goods, etc.  You name it, they brought it!  It was an amazing feeling to see all these people come together and reach out like this!

Thank-you to everyone that participated!  It was a huge success!   We couldn’t have done it without you!